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Lubricants and Sprays

Bisco Tool Supply sells Sprays and Lubricants commonly used in Machine Shops.
WD 40, Tap Magic, Tri Flow Fluid, Dykem Blue Layout Fluid, and Rigid Cutting Fluid are all for sale at Wholesale Prices.
WD-40 is a versatile product used to protect metal from rust and corrosion, displace moisture and lubricate.
 Tap Magic is a leading cutting fluid that makes cutting metal easier promotes longer tool life.
Tri Flow Fluid is a popular teflon lubricant that lubricates and reduces corrosion.
Dykem Blue Layout Fluid is used to scribe sharp, clear, precise lines, providing a uniform deep blue color that prevents glare and dries in minutes.
Rigid Cutting Oil is formulated with low odor and antimist properties, free of chlorine and other halogens, PCBs and heavy metals.
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Dykem Blue Layout Fluid Ridgid Cutting Fluids - Nu-Clear Oil and Dark Oil TRI-FLOW Superior Lubricant Aerosol at Wholesale Prices
WD-40 TAP MAGIC Loctite 262 - High Strength Threadlocker

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