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Long Drill Bits 6" and 12" Extension Drills

Long Drill Bits - 6" and 12" Cobalt- High Speed Steel

LONG DRILL BITS High Speed Steel (HS) are ideal for drilling mild steel where extra length is required
DRILL BITS Cobalt (CO) are ideal for tough, high tensile strength materials

Bisco sells top quality long drill bits - 6" and 12" high speed steel and cobalt extension drill bits at discounted prices. Bisco of Florida is your source for extension 6" and 12" drills! Questions? Call Bisco Toll Free at 1-866-BiscoFL ( 1-866-247-2635)

Drills 6" and 12"

Long Drill Bits 6" Extension Drill Bit Fractional Sizes Long Fractional Drill Bits 12" Cobalt Fractional Drill Bits 6"
Cobalt Fractional Drill Bits 12" Long Drill Bits 6" Drill Bit Numbered Sizes Long Numbered Drill Bits 12"
Cobalt Numbered Drill Bits 12" Long Letter Drill Bits 6" Long Metric Drill Bits - 12
Long Fractional Drill Bits with 1/2    

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