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A2236H 5"x1/4"x5/8-11 Flexovit Threaded Hub Grinding Wheel Type 27 Fast Cut

Flexovit A2236H 5

A2236H 5"x1/4"x5/8-11 Flexovit Threaded Hub Grinding Wheel Type 27 Fast Cut

Price: $4.24

Brand: Flexovit Abrasives

SKU: A2236H GW


Flexovit A2236H Grinding Wheels at low wholesale prices. Flexovit Grinding Wheels are USA Made for Angle Grinders these Discs are for General Purpose Ferrous Metals including Angle Iron, Bar Stock, Carbon Steel, Channel Iron, High Tensile Steel, and Iron Pipe. Grinding Wheels will also grind Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron, and Concrete. Flexovit Type 27 Grinding Wheels are Reinforced with three full diameters of high tensile fiberglass. These discs are designed to prevent premature wheel edge wear. Type 28 wheels are saucer shaped and can be used at 15" angle allowing for a wider contact area with the work piece. Flexovit Wheels are excellent for grinding broad or flat surfaces. Bisco Tool Supply sells High Performance Wheels in Fast Cut Grind and Heavy Duty. Bisco also stocks Razorblade 27, Metalhog, Flexon and Specialist Wheels. Call the knowledgeable sales staff at Bisco Toll Free at 1-866-247-2635 for all your abrasive needs.