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Special Hand Taps

Special Hand Taps are made of High Speed Steel are for sale by Bisco Tool Supply. Bisco is your source for industrial grade threading taps. Our thread taps are made out of High Speed Steel, which is harder than carbon steel thread taps. Special Hand Taps are threading tools for use in general machine tapping. Threading Taps are also appropriate for tapping the vast majority of materials in through or blind holed conditions. Bisco can supply all of your Special Taps and Dies needs. Additional Special Tap sizes are available please contact Bisco for any special taps.
Special Hand Taps 0-3/8 Special Hand Taps 7/16-11/16 Special Hand Taps 3/4-1
Special Hand Taps 1 1/16- 1 1/2 Special Hand Taps 1 9/16 and Up.