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Bisco Tool Supply sells Tap Magic Metal Cutting Fluid at Wholesale Prices. Tap Magic Totally Biodegradable and is a must for all Eco-Friendly Machine Shops. Bisco Tool Supply has Tap Magic for nearly all applications. Tap Magic is used when drilling into stainless, aluminum, inconel, magnesium, copper, bronze, brass, cobalt, nickel, cast iron, and all metals. The EP-EXTRA Tap Magic can be used in drilling, tapping, and milling.
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10004E 4oz Tap Magic Can W/ EP-XTRA $3.20
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10016E 10016E 16oz Tap Magic Plastic Bottle W/EP-XTRA $11.20
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101288E 1 Gallon Tap Magic W/ EP-XTRA $55.28
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